3 Dachshunds Records

Our Team

Come and meet us and spin vinyl with us! 

Jack Ware 


Jack is the owner of 3 Dachshunds Records and has been running the shop for 6 years. He has great knowledge of vinyl and music in general. His first records bought was a 45 rpm 7" Record "Walking To New Orleans" by Fats Domino.

Betty Ware 


Betty is a Co-Owner of 3 Dachshunds Records. She has always loved music, most rock! She enjoys working the record store by day and working as a Registered Nurse by night at local OKC hospital.

Ryann James 

Sales Associate

Ryann has been collecting and listening to vinyl since she was a kid. She loves talking with customers about music and helping people discover new bands to love. Some of her favorite bands include the Beatles, the Strokes, and the Arctic Monkeys.

Grant Crager 

Sales Associate​ 

Grant has been collecting records since he was a junior in high school. One of his favorite genres is metal and has an expansive knowledge of new bands to listen to. Some of his favorite bands include Jinjer and DIO.

Vinyl Picks of the Month 

Jack's Pick 

Betty's Pick 

Vicennial – 2 Decades of Seether, tells the remarkable story of the South African quartet’s career and chart-topping success. The 20 songs on this compilation have amassed 16 #1 chart positions and all are Top 5 multi-format radio hits.

Ryann's Pick

Elephant by the White Stripes is one of my favorite records in my personal collection. Jack's amazing guitar riffs on this album are something from another world while Meg's banging and smashing of drums is pure chaotic beauty. Elephant is the album which hosts the beloved stadium chant "7 Nation Army", but also has some softer songs that make the listener feel vulnerable. 

Grant's Pick 

The Color And The Shape is one of my favorite albums because it was one of the first CD's that I ever owned and could listen to all the way through and love every song on it. I think this album is a must listen for any fan of 90's rock and it has some of the biggest Foo Fighter's hit songs on it like "My Hero," "Everlong," and "Monkey Wrench." It is definitely a classic and an enjoyable timeless album.